“Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much larger and better in every way.”

– John Muir

Skylar Clifton

About Sustain-A-Bowl

Skylar Clifton founded Sustain-a-Bowl after a successful career in pet nutrition, a deep love for the care and happiness of animals, and a desire to make environmentally friendly pet products easy to shop for. He had a vision of an accessible, heart-centered community focused on providing sustainable, planet-friendly pet products without the confusion of misleading marketing labels and buzz words. Most importantly, creating a brick and mortar shop location to drive authentic connections between the pets, their owners, and the products was paramount. The breathtaking nature and friendly people of Denver captured his heart and he knew there was no better place to create his dream.

Sustain-a-Bowl provides a multitude of natural options for pet food: raw frozen, lightly cooked frozen, and freeze dried or dehydrated whole foods with little/no preservatives are the gold standard of nutrition for cats and dogs. American made, when possible, and sustainably sourced toys and bedding will make your pets (and their carbon pawprint) much happier! Our Denver location also boasts high-quality grooming and convenient self-wash stations for dogs. We’re happy to chat with any customer about product requests, questions, and the best spots for dog parks or our favorite cat food for the pickiest eaters.

With personal and professional experience on his side, Sustain-a-Bowl was launched to unite environmentally minded shoppers with their new favorite pet products across the country. Whether you’re shopping in person, or taking advantage of our assisted living delivery service, treating your furry family members with the love and care you desire will be simple and stress-free!

Our Philosophy

Sustain-a-Bowl’s mission statement:

To improve the health of pets through high quality nutrition, personalized pet care, and a focus on environmental sustainability in southeast Denver.

We’re dedicated to providing more accessible, and more compassionate, options for the health of our precious pets. This is highlighted by the brands and fellow pet-loving companies providing world class nutritional panels on their formulas while sourcing their ingredients in a thoughtful manner. We scan every product we bring in for ideal environmental and nutritional standards. What we carry is what we would feed our own pets, and if you’re like us, you really love feeding your pets species-appropriate, nutritious foods!

Grooming can be daunting, especially when you want to support local and environmentally conscious options. We offer our self-wash and grooming as a sustainable option for our local customers, making it a one-stop shop for nutrition and pet care.

Sustain-a-Bowl Philosophy

Lastly, our focus on environmental impacts is more than necessary in today’s climate. Reducing, or even eliminating, sources of pollution and damage is possible! Every choice we make can empower ourselves, the community, the environment, and our future. Sustain-a-Bowl is one step in that powerful, collaborative process, and we look forward to meeting your pets, joining in on local events, and providing the best service in the southeast Denver area.